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JFK Special School

Special School

Sensory Regulation & Emotional Wellbeing


 My School Closure Story

Please read with pupils to support understanding of our school closure at this time.

My School Closure Story JFK Beckton

My School Closure Story JFK Stratford


Everybody Worries- Free eBook

Oxford University Press have published a free eBook, titled 'Everybody Worries' by Jon Burgerman. The book is designed as a picture story to support young people who are worried about the Coronavirus. Caroline Chan has also created a musical, singing voice over of the story and published to YouTube, to support SEN pupils engage with the story through music. Links to both the eBook and musical version can be found below.

Everybody Worries eBook- Jon Burgerman (Oxford University Press)

Caroline Chan- Everybody Worries (YouTube)


Hospital Communication Board

The hospital communication board in the link below can be used for all hospital visits. It can be used to support understanding, through supporting adults pointing to the appropriate visual during interactions. It can also be used directly by the pupil to communicate their needs and requests through pointing, or to support verbal requests if appropriate.

JFK Hospital Communication Board


Newham Educational Psychology Service

Newham Educational Psychology Service are currently offering a phone call drop in service to all Newham parents. The service is a 40 minute drop in session where parents can raise any concerns they may have, e.g. about behaviour at home, structure, anxiety, bereavement support, and other issues. Please see the link below for more information and contact details.

Educational Psychology Service- Parent Advice and Phone In Leaflet


Online Countdown Timer

Use the website link provided to set your own countdown timer, this can really support in creating a strong structure and routine at home. This timer also has a clear and loud finish tone, which can help signal the end of an activity. 




Use the recipes below to make your own playdough at home. This can then be used for many different activities, such as modelling and making different shapes. It can also be used to support sensory regulation through squeezing, rolling, stretching and keeping your hands busy and active.

No Cook Playdough Recipe

Adapt the recipe above by adding food colouring to add colour, or essential oils to add a scent to your dough before mixing together.

Caterpillar Crunch Playdough Recipe